Rodent Control (mice, rats)
• Control of Insects of Health Importance (cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, sandflies,
 ants, fleas, bugs, ticks, spiders, moths, scorpions, mites, wasps)
• Control of Insects of Storage Areas (wheat louse, sitoroga, ephestia, rhyzopertha, trogoderma)
• Disinsectizations with Biological Methods
• Control of Snakes & Reptiles
• Disinfections (of industrial plants, buildings, schools, hospitals)
• Bird Repelling (doves, sparrows, seagulls)
• Sale of products for the protection of public health:
- insect traps
- mousetraps
- insecticides
- rodenticides
- disinfectants
Ozone and U.V & ULV disinfection devices
• Preparation of programs: (pest control, HACCP, ISO, self-monitoring, sampling, microbiological analyses)
• Issuing of Certificates (for Disinsectizations- Disinfections- Rat Control) - HACCP-ISO File
• Certifications - ISO Awarding

VSH has been awarded a 9001:2008 ISO certificate.